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Posted: August 29, 2014

We are excited about the new school year ahead and have many resources to share with you in the library. Our team this year comprises a PYP Teacher Librarian (Leanne Sercombe), MYP/DP Librarian (Maura Corcoran), Library Manager (Kelly Liu) and two library assistants (Gigi Jose and Athena Nicomedes). We are currently seeking parent volunteers to help us in the library to ensure all our new books are put on the shelves as quickly as possible! Volunteer training will be provided. Please contact us if you can assist.

Please note the library is open from 8am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday and from 8am-4pm on Friday. We would ask those of you who have overdue loans from last year to please return your resources to the library as soon as possible. For any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us either directly in the library or by email to