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End of Year Celebration awards corrections

Posted: August 29, 2014

We’d like to apologise to the following students who achieved awards for Outstanding Effort, Outstanding Achievement or both awards but were not presented with their certificates at last year’s end-of-year assembly.

We extend our congratulations to the following students.
Year 7 – Summer Chui for Outstanding Effort and Achievement and Wilson Mueller for Outstanding Achievement
Year 9 – Jennifer Allardice, Anne Gasser, Luc Gemassmer, Julia Klocek, Megha Srivastava and Erin Steed for Outstanding Achievement
Year 10 – Alex Franklin for Outstanding Effort and Achievement
Year 11 – Francesca Phillips, Ariel Galor, Samaara Malhotra, Emily Thurley and Margaux Gjurasic for Outstanding Achievement

Congratulations to all these students on their wonderful achievements in 2013-14.