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Parent Information Fair

Posted: August 29, 2014

We are seeking feedback from parents on ways to make our Parent Information Fair (held last week) even better in future years. The main purpose of the fair is to:
Give you an introduction to and overview of the PYP, MYP and DP programmes
Meet your child’s teachers face to face
Provide information about specific events and programmes throughout the year
Provide an opportunity to access a wide range of general school information

The Parent Information Fair is not intended as an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. It needs to be understood that most teachers have only spent a few days with their students at this time of year. However, we hope that it does provide the opportunity to link up with our teachers and other key people so that communication channels are open to keep you informed as the year progresses.

We ask all parents to please complete the survey, including those who did not attend, as we are very interested to know the reasons why. This information will be very useful for us in structuring a programme that is more attractive to all families in future years. The survey will take around 5 minutes if you attended, and less than 2 minutes if you did not. Please ensure you complete question 1 and 8 if you did not attend.

To complete the survey please click HERE.