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Big Science Competition

Posted: September 19, 2014

The results are in for last year’s Big Science Competition, and we are very pleased by the achievements of DC students. Twenty-eight students participated in the competition with five students awarded High Distinctions, seven students awarded Distinctions, seven awarded Credit, and nine students awarded participation.

Congratulations to all students who were involved. The Science department would like to recognise the students who achieved High Distinctions – Ron Tso (10.3), Katie Chan (9.3), Nikunj Agarwal (8.1), Yan Yau Cheng (10.3) and Nate Lavallee (13.2), and Distinctions – Michael Tiller (8.3), Wilson Mueller (8.3), Jennifer Tamera Anderson (8.3), Lucy Fillip (9.4), Emma Loeffler (9.4), Vanessa Yu (11.1) and Nicole Wun (9.3).

The Big Science Competition is organised by Australian Science Innovations, and assesses students’ science inquiry skills, science as a human endeavour, and science understanding. The 2015 version of the competition will run between 20 and 27 May. Application forms will be sent out to interested students after the Chinese New Year holidays. The science department would like to thank Mr Tommy Leung, Head Science Technician, for organising the event last year.