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Posted: September 12, 2014

U16 Girls Volleyball (3 September)
DC 19 WIS 25, DC 25 WIS 23, DC 16 WIS 18
During the second game, we lost a lot of our enthusiasm and started to become a little upset and down about our loss in the first game. However we still continued and cheered one another on. I believe our team has a lot of commitment and overall we all enjoyed it very much. We are determined to win our next game. Kira

U20 Boys Volleyball (4 September)
DC 1 set AIS 2 sets
DC 1 set HKA 2 sets
The U20s Boys Volleyball team played their first game in three years. Although not as experienced or organised as the other teams in the competition, the boys (many of them playing volleyball competitively for the first time) showed huge spirit. Going the first set down in both their games (against HKA and AIS), twice they came back to take it to three sets, giving the hosts a real fight in the final set. Unfortunately the boys fell just short, but put in a performance they can be very proud of. Boris

U16 Boys Volleyball (4 September)
DC 17 RCHK 25, DC 19 RCHK 25, DC 23 RCHK 25
The U16 Boys Volleyball team embarked on the beginning of their first ever volleyball season, not only as a team, but for the majority of players individually too. Both games proved to be a learning experience for all of us; as our first official volleyball game we were still learning all the procedures and intricate policies that were involved before we even got started. Kevin and Roy nailed a number of serves that helped in keeping the Discovery College scoreboard rolling until the end. Jacques

U16 Girls Volleyball (10 September)
DC 18 CDNIS 25, DC 21 CDNIS 25
After a friendly game against the CDNIS U14 girls, we played CDNIS U16. Everyone should be really proud of themselves because every player did something that deserves recognition. There were amazing serves, spikes and everyone was giving constructive advice. We know now from playing that game that we need to work on our spirit levels and having confidence in ourselves and in our teammates. Overall, it was a really good game and it really helped everyone know where they are at and how to improve. Chloe S