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Day Zero (0) – Tuesday 30 September

Posted: September 26, 2014

We know that at certain times of the year, bottlenecks occur in our programme, often around reporting periods. At these times, typically students are overwhelmed with the volume of work they have and how and where to start.

“Day Zero” is a trial this year to help decompress some of that pressure and support the students to become a little more independent. The design of the day is slightly different for every year level but is essentially a mix of a variety of learning opportunities, including assignment and project completion, revision for tests, presentation of pieces of work, Community Engagement plans, Personal Projects and Extended Essays, graphing workshops, EAL and Language B support, time to practice musical items for assessment, field trips and Higher education visits, etc.

Students are required to attend as normal and will be supervised in their year level programme throughout the day.