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Food safety is a top priority – update on recent sub-standard Taiwanese lard

Posted: September 19, 2014

We have received the following statement from our caterer Chartwells (Compass Group Hong Kong Limited):

“The traceability and quality of our food is our top priority. All of our nominated suppliers have to meet strict food quality and safety standards and we regularly monitor and review our supply chain to ensure these standards are upheld.

We do not source any products directly from the implicated company. However, in light of recent events, we have asked all of our nominated oil & bakery suppliers to re-confirm their compliance with the required standards of traceability and product integrity processes.

In line with Government guidance, as a precautionary measure, on 6 September we withdrew all Taiwanese oil and refined lard from our supply chain. This has meant a change of recipe for some of our products. We trust you will understand the reasons for this.”

The School will continue to follow this up closely with Chartwells.

For the most up to date information regarding substandard lard and the associated health risks, parents can visit the Centre for Food Safety website.