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U14 Girls Football

Posted: September 26, 2014

AISHK 23 September 2014

After a postponed match against the Australian International School, due to the typhoon, the girls were itching to get on the pitch to kick off their season. Unfortunately, the opposition were without some of their stronger players so their true force wasn’t felt. The girls comfortably beat the Australian A team 9-2 and their B team by 4-0. Highlights included the girls putting strings of great passes together, using spaces well, Mia Crawford making a difficult goal keeper save from a free kick and a goal scored from a set move corner that was practiced during training.

DBIS 24 September 2014

This match proved to have all the characteristics of yet another classic local Derby. Often when these two teams meet, there is a single goal that decides the result and this time it went DC’s way with a competitive 4-3 victory. The victory was well deserved with every player giving everything they had. Highlights would include Sofie Telford’s halfway goal that set the crowd on fire, and the belief in each other and determination shown when we were levelled at 2-2. Watch this space as it is likely we will meet DBIS in the play offs.