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Positive Psychology Coffee Conversation

Posted: October 31, 2014

All parents are invited to the next Coffee Conversations focusing on Positive Psychology.

What are Coffee Conversations? They are an opportunity for parents and school staff to meet together to learn about student life both at home and at school. Each session has a particular focus that usually starts with some information to parents about initiatives, programmes or new learning happening at DC. Parents are then able to share their own experiences or ask questions of each other and school staff.

When is the next Coffee Conversation? Friday 7 November, 8.45 – 10.15am in the DC Diploma Centre

What is the focus? An introduction to Positive Psychology

Questions to be explored: What is it? What implications does this have for students and teachers at school? How does it relate to families at home?

Who should attend? Both Primary and Secondary parents

Who is leading the session? Tracey Chitty and Evonne Drakousis (Student Counsellors)

How do I sign up? Please register your attendance by clicking here.