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Swimming Carnival Results

Posted: October 9, 2014

Congratulations to all our Y4-6 students who participated in our annual Swimming Carnival on Wednesday. It was great to see the students demonstrate the skills developed over the six-week programme as well as get into the spirit of the day and cheering for their team.

Here are the final results


House support, chant and keeping house area tidy
1. Purple – Jin Shu (Metal) 金
2. Blue – Liu Shui (Water) 水
3. Green – Qing Mu (Wood) 木
4. Red – Lie Huo (Fire) 火 & Yellow Re Tu (Earth) 土


The number of students who entered all the events
1. Purple – Jin Shu (Metal) 金
2. Blue – Liu Shui (Water) 水
3. Yellow – Re Tu (Earth) 土
4. Green – Qing Mu (Wood) 木 & Red – Lie Huo (Fire) 火


Points for competition placing
1. Green – Qing Mu (Wood) 木
2. Yellow – Re Tu (Earth) 土
3. Red – Lie Huo (Fire) 火
4. Purple – Jin Shu (Metal) 金
5. Blue – Liu Shui (Water) 水