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The EPIC Swim Begins

Posted: October 31, 2014

On the morning of Wednesday 29 October Discovery Bay residents Bruce Pye and Oliver Baillet started their EPIC swim challenge of 75 km around Lantau in 5 days. They left from DB’s Tai Pak beach to a thunderous applause from local well-wishers and advocates for this amazing endeavor. Among those were a handful of DC Year 3 students who Bruce had come to talk to about this challenge.

They are swimming for the charity Plastic Free Seas, the goals of this adventure are to: raise awareness of the issue of plastics in the South China Sea, undertake research looking at the plastic load in the South China Sea, and to raise money for Plastic Free Sea’s Education and Research Sea Classroom which will be launched later this year.

The swim can be tracked on the Plastic Free Seas website

They are due to complete their challenge on Sunday 2 November between 3pm and 5pm back at Tai Pak beach where the crowds will cheer them back onto dry land and a well deserved hot shower.