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Tie dye raises money for NAAC charity

Posted: October 30, 2014

On Sunday 19 October, a group of DC secondary students took part in a NAAC charity fund-raising event in the DB plaza. In this event, we created tie dyed t-shirts, which we then packaged and labelled. On the day, there was a booth set up for advertising and sales. A lot of effort, dedication and teamwork was put into making this a successful project and we enjoyed it till the very end. At the end of the day, we were able to raise a total of HK$6,452 to go towards specialist equipment for disabled children – Tim Fung Y13

Students who were involved in this project included:

Year 13: Tim Fung, Harry Dwyer, Alex Campbell, Rachel Yeung, Shanel Lim, Joyce Wong, Katrina Raimann, Kevin Masman, Kirsten Chou, Justin Wong, Yong Soo Kweon, Shaniya Anand
Year 12: Kelly Choi, Subhiksha Bhoovarahan, Paras Bindra
Year 10: Ron Tso, Lorcan Wong, Jeremy Leung, Vivian Ngai
Year 8: Summer Chiu, Karina Chan