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Arts & Culture Festival fun

Posted: December 12, 2014

The College’s 7th annual Arts & Culture Festival continued this week with an engaging day of electives for our senior students and further activities in Primary and Secondary. Year 2s learned the martial art of Brazilian Capoeira, senior students wowed their audience with their production of Vinegar Tom, and the festival closed with a wonderful night of music at the Ensemble Evening.

It’s been great to hear feedback from visiting artists and educators on how talented, engaged, creative and enthusiastic they have found our students. In the words of one visiting instructor, French cartoonist and graphic design artist Fred Boot: “It was a great day, and I am really impressed by the concentration and the talent of these young people. The last time I saw students working so seriously, even during lunchtime, was in the national design school where I taught in Paris. They have a huge potential and a real passion.”

Thank you to all the College staff and parents who have helped organise and run the festival, and to the families and individuals who are our Patrons of the Arts. Thank you also to our Corporate Patrons of the Arts. Platinum Patrons: Oldham, Li & Nie law firm and BtoKidz. Gold Patrons: Uncle Russ, Spa Strand & Science, Faust International Youth Theatre, Lifestyle Brokers and Acting Antics. Your contributions help make this wonderful event possible.

The photos below were taken by some of the Y10-12 students who took part in the photography elective on Tuesday: Julia Klocek, Juliette Lalyman, Kasey Law Kun, Kazuya Kai-Olowu, Leah Combal von Englebrechten, Ritika Padmasona, Taichi Kho, and Yang Yang Xiao.