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Mid-year Primary reports available online

Posted: December 8, 2014

The mid-year online reports are now available for all students from Y1-6. This includes reports from all subject areas as well as a general comment of how your child is progressing to date. Please take the time to read through the latest update and, should you have any further questions, arrange a time to discuss these with the relevant teacher.

How do l access my child’s Online Report?

The Online Report for your child will be available for viewing via the parent Gateway. The Gateway tutorial for parents can be accessed by clicking here.

If you are having technical difficulties accessing your parent Gateway account, please email IT Manager George Tibbetts.

Upcoming Three-Way Conferences

Three-Way Conferences are scheduled for 5 February. Details of how to organise a time to meet with the teacher will be sent to all families after the holiday break. This will be another time for you to come along with your child and find out how your child is progressing.