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What a wonderful Arts & Culture Festival so far

Posted: December 5, 2014

The College has been brimming with the sights and sounds of artistic and cultural activities this week, for our 7th annual Discovery Arts & Culture Festival.

The colourful carnival parade opened the festival on Tuesday, seeing students and staff dressed in a fabulous array of artistic and cultural costumes. Since then the College has been abuzz with special events run by visiting local and international artists and educators. Highlights have included:

  • Y1s African djembe drumming and song, Y3s learning the art of Chinese watercolour painting with artist Judyanna Li, Y4s exploring the culture and techniques of Chinese dragon dancing and Y5s the fun of street dance with DMR. Our wonderful parents have been sharing stories, art and music with primary classes all week.
  • In Secondary, Y7s had hands-on drumming and percussion with Japanese drumming maestro Kumi Masanaga, Y8s sampled the skills of stage fighting with Faust International Youth Theatre and Y9s created graffiti art with French artist Miguel Souchon.
  • Diploma students impressed their audience with their ‘Work in Progress’ visual arts exhibition and Diploma Film Night.
  • Come and see the stunning installation art in the entrance foyer created by Y6s and Y11s with our artist-in-residence from Australia, Nicole Voevodin-Cash, and Nicole’s beautiful inflatable trees in the LG/F granite courtyard.

Next week is the senior student production of Vinegar Tom on Tuesday 9 December at 7.30pm (for Y10 students and upwards only) and, closing the festival, DC’s Ensemble Evening on Wednesday 10 December.

For a full outline of all events, please refer to your Festival Programme for details or view it on line here.

THANK YOU to all the College staff and parents who have helped during this busy week of arts events, and to the families and individuals who are our Patrons of the Arts. Thank you also to our Corporate Patrons of the Arts. Platinum Patrons: Oldham, Li & Nie law firm and BtoKidz. Gold Patrons: Uncle Russ, Spa Strand & Science, Faust International Youth Theatre, Lifestyle Brokers and Acting Antics. Your contributions help make this wonderful event possible.