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Winners of the senior student photography competition

Posted: December 5, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the Arts & Culture Festival Senior Student Photography competition, themed ‘The Multicultural Face of Hong Kong’. Y12 student Ruby Jurecka won first place, impressing the judges with her beautiful photo of a dancer on the streets of Hong Kong.


One of the competition’s judges, Deputy Head of College Peter Lasscock, said of the winning photo:

“When you first view this picture it may not be apparent, but little by little it hits you that the graffiti mural is a wonderful rendition of Hong Kong’s older tenements. The juxtaposition of the ballet dancer emphasises that our city is a city of contrasts, old-new, ugly-beautiful. Yin and Yang, a concept so embedded in eastern philosophy and so Hong Kong. The vibrancy of the colour in the mural and the mono-coloured dancer in this image further intensifies this message.”

Congratulations to runners up Y10 students Csoban Balogh, Kazuya Kai-Olowu, Luc Gemassmer and, in Year 11, Lucie Cameron.

Honourable mentions go to photos by Y11 student Chloe Choy and further works by Ruby Jurecka and Lucie Cameron. Thank you to all the students who submitted wonderful photos for the competition.