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Primary Three-Way Conferences – Thursday 5 February

Posted: January 8, 2015

Parents should have received an email regarding the Primary Three -Way Conferences on Thursday 5 February from 2-8pm.  The information below explains the process for the conference and how to book a time to meet with your child and their teacher to discuss progress and learning.

Three-Way Conferences are another opportunity for you to learn how your child is progressing with their learning. The conference will be facilitated by the student and the teacher. Parents are encouraged to provide feedback, ask questions and join in the discussion where relevant. A guide to the Three-Way Conferences can be downloaded below.

What will happen at the Three-Way Conferences?

  • 10 Minute Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings – Student’s Classroom
    Each family (parent/s and the child) will meet with the classroom teacher for 10 minutes and discuss the learning and progress to date. This time slot needs to be booked following the instructions below. If families have more than one child within the primary, please ensure you allow time between bookings to get to other teachers, and to see the below two areas.
  • Students Sharing Classroom Learning Experiences – Shared Areas
    Families are also welcome to visit the shared areas outside the classrooms for your child to walk you through other aspects of their learning, prior to, or following, the 10 minute meeting in the classroom.
  • Meeting with Primary Specialist and Chinese Teachers – Library/Primary Art Room This is also an opportunity to connect with the specialists and Chinese teachers. You could visit them before or after the 10 Minute Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings. Please note: All Primary Specialist and Chinese teachers will only be available after 3.30pm as they will be continuing classes as usual.

How do I book a time?

Appointments for Three-Way Conferences are to be booked online.

  1. Go to the Gateway link available on the DC website homepage.
  2. Log in using your Gateway PARENT username and Gateway password. (Trying to log in using your child’s Gateway account will not allow you to access this module of the Gateway.)
  3. Note: If you can’t remember your Gateway Parent username, please try clicking the forgot password link on the Gateway login page. You can enter either your email address or your login name to retrieve the password and username from the system. If all else fails please email for help, stating your child’s full name and roll group.
    A tutorial for booking can be found online here.
  4. For help or any technical issues, please email

Please ensure you have booked in by Friday 30 January.

How will the Primary Specialist and Chinese teachers be involved?

Please ask your child to introduce you to Kate Saunders (Visual Art teacher), Frank Donnoli (Drama teacher) Lawrence Wilkinson and Damian Trimingham (PE teachers), Martin De Barr (Music, Drama and PE Teacher), Michael Burrows (Music teacher), Leanne Sercombe (Teacher Librarian), and Joe Leithhead (Digital Literacy Coordinator). The Chinese teachers, Debbie Tai, Penny Ma, Suvy Shu and Lilian Wong will also be available and we will be encouraging your children to introduce you to them.

College schedule during conferences:

Classes will continue as usual for Primary until 3.15pm with normal dismissal procedures. There will be no student supervision after 3.15pm.

If your conference is scheduled from 2-3.15pm, please meet your child in the classroom.

We look forward to meeting you at the conferences.

Three Way Conference Parent Guide