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DC Cobra Year 5/6 Touch Rugby team plays in DBIS Touch Tournament

Posted: February 13, 2015

On Thursday 12 February the DC Cobras competed in the DBIS Touch Rugby Tournament, held at King’s Park. The Girls team faught hard and payed a very structured 3 touch then open play game to make it to the Plate Finals only to lose to Bradbury is a very physical game. The Boys team showed a lot of talent to come first in their pool only to lose to Kennedy in the Cup semifinal coming forth overall. The results are as follows:


DC (0) v Kellett (0)

DC (1) v FIS (0)

DC (2) v QBS (0)

DC (0) v Kennedy (1)


DC (2) v RCHK (0)

DC (2) v SJS (0)

DC (1) v Kellett (1)

DC (0) v KJS (2)

DC (0) v Bradbury (1)