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Secondary student runs marathon

Posted: February 6, 2015

Over the weekend Michael Xin, Y12, participated in a marathon in Kaohsiung, running the path through small roads, highways, bike trails and hills, ending at the famous Fo Guang Shan Monastery. More than 1000 people ran full marathon and 2000 ran the 24k. Michael completed the marathon at 4:09:22, placing 12th in his age group (16-29). Well done, Michael.

Michael shared these observations about running the marathon:

“Running a marathon is an opportunity I am truly grateful for, and I have to thank my parents for helping and training me to be up for the task. 42km is a very long distance to run, and pressing onwards when faced with your apparent mental and physical limits is difficult, but certainly not impossible, and only by challenging one’s limits can one reach new heights. By finishing this marathon, I have set new limits for myself, and will now have new goals to meet in order to see what I can achieve.”