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Big fun at Primary Athletics Day

Posted: April 17, 2015

It was fantastic to see the students participating so enthusiastically at our Primary Athletics day today at Kwai Chung sports field.  A big thank you to all staff for their efforts to ensure the Primary Athletics was such a success and a memorable day for the students. A special thank you to Mr Lawrence Wilkinson for his excellent organisation and Mr Damian Trimingham and the PE department for the support they provided throughout the process. I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful turnout by our parents and caregivers. I am sure the students appreciated seeing their families supporting them.

The Athletics house scoring system includes three categories for competition:

1. Competition – Decided based on placings in each events.

1st Green House, 2nd Yellow House, 3rd Red House, 4th Purple House, 5th Blue House

2. Participation -Decided based on the number of competitors that compete in each event.

After review this has been amended to all Houses Equal First place!

3. Spirit – The support shown for their houses by the students including the House Chant.

1st Green House, 2nd Blue House, 3rd Yellow House, 4th Red House, 5th Purple House.

Congratulations to all students for their excellent participation and sportsmanship. You all did your house proud.

– Chris Barr, Head of Primary