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DC Students win at DB Pirates Mini Awards Day

Posted: April 24, 2015

The Discovery Bay Pirates Mini Awards Day, presented by Head of Minis Rugby Courtney Davies, saw various DC students recognised for their achievements in rugby and hockey. Trophies for Pirate of the Year, Player of the Year, Tournament Player of the Year and Most Improved Player were awarded. DC students Okke van den Berg, Adela Hood, Marcel Hofstede, Jacob Jonasson and Mia Mueller received recognition for hockey under the leadership of Ilona van Scheers. Darcy & Finn Jurecka, Trent Rossouw, Savanna Udall, Maddy Hill, Ethan Davies, Thomas Wade, Morgan Wright and Casper Den Boogert were awarded trophies for achievements in rugby. Congratulations to all these students on such a fantastic season with so many new players in all age groups. The season is now finished but should any one wish to try out for rugby, hockey or netball after the summer, please visit the Pirate’s website