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MYP Personal Project Exhibition

Posted: April 24, 2015

Congratulations to all Year 11 students who participated in Thursday night’s Personal Project Exhibition. The Exhibition was a showcase of an year-long independent inquiry into an area of deep personal passion. The results of this inquiry was the range of high-quality products on display. This year many of the products were digital, however the Exhibition also featured anthologies of original poetry, 3-D architectural models, original music compositions and photo galleries. Year 11 students spoke with great passion about their products, and just as importantly how they’ve come to understand themselves as learners. It’s this understanding of themselves that will serve them well as they continue to mature as learners.

Year 10 students will soon begin defining their Personal Project goals goal-writing workshops on 30 April and 15 May. We expect that this year’s Exhibition will provide the inspiration for Year 10 students to set a challenging goal for themselves.

Our deep thanks to Mrs Lissie Nichols for her leadership of the Personal Project.