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Primary Student-Led Conferences

Posted: April 30, 2015

As a reminder, Primary Student-Led Conferences are taking place next week.

The process of reflection and reporting is an important part of the PYP, which places emphasis on students being actively involved and responsible for their learning. Student-Led Conferences are one of several ways our students do this.

Primary Student-Led Conferences will be held on:

  • Thursday 7 May 3.45-7.15pm, and
  • Friday 8 May 8.30am-1pm

Classes will not be held on Friday 8 May, instead students will come to school with their parents at their pre-booked times and take part in a conference which will enable them to share their learning.

Please note:

There will be up to five families in the classroom conference at one time. It is important that your child has your undivided attention. For this reason we ask that other children from the family are not in the room and that mobile phones are switched off. We ask, where possible, preschool siblings do not attend. For parents with more than one school-aged child, supervision on the G/F playground will be available during school hours for school-aged siblings to allow time for parents to meet in classrooms with one child at a time.

We will have many parents and children in school celebrating learning together so it is important you keep to your allotted time in the classroom so that we do not have too many families in there at one time.

Please review the Parent Guide to Student-Led Conferences prior to attending.

How to book?

Booking is done on the Gateway using Parent Consultation module before Monday 4 May 2015. Log in to Gateway and go to menu Communication > Parent Consultation. Full instructions for accessing and making/changing your conference bookings can be found at

If you can’t remember your Gateway PARENT password, please follow the instructions at As appointments go fast the automated password reset system will be much quicker than asking the ICT department to manually reset your password.

Any requests for changes to your booking after the booking deadline should be sent to classroom teachers directly. If you have technical issues, please contact the DC ICT team at 3969 1000.

Student-Led Conferences are a wonderful time to celebrate your child’s achievements. We look forward to seeing you on the day.