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The Nepal Rupee Rush

Posted: April 30, 2015

Learning Team 8C, with the addition of some Y7 students, have put together a fund-raising programme for UNICEF, which is a charity working to help Nepalese children who are the same age as us.

For the last week, Nepal has continued to suffer from a series of devastating earthquakes. To help the children of Nepal, we have come up with a plan.

At the entrance of the school, there will be boxes with each house colour: red, yellow, green, blue and purple. The main goal is to have the least amount of money in your house colour box. Students can help by placing money in other houses’ boxes.

On Friday 8 May, the House with the least amount of money in their own container will win, and we will all help the people of Nepal. The winning House will have a special casual dress day.

Starting Monday 4 May, the box will be in the foyer. This is a House event and you will also possibly gain points for your House. Please help – they need your donations.

– Summer Chiu, Y8