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Year 11 Work experience

Posted: April 30, 2015

All Y11 students should have completed their cover letters and CVs in preparation for their four-day work placements over 15-18 June. Students who are having trouble completing these important documents should contact either Ms Dionne Lashley (Y11 Dean) or Mr Adrian Gan (Y10-11 VP/MYP Coordinator) for assistance. On Monday 4 May, we will be checking our records for the completion rate of these documents and contacting students who need assistance.

We applaud our many students who have completed their letters and CVs and who’ve already taken the initiative to find and secure their work placements. We understand that for insurance reasons, some potential employers have reservations taking on students under the age of 18. We will be placing a letter on the Work Experience DING! page outlining that school-provided insurance will remove any liability. This should remove this barrier to finding a suitable work placement.