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Year 4 donation from Chinese New Year Flea Market

Posted: April 17, 2015

During Chinese New Year time, the Year 4 students successfully raised $9699HKD from their Chinese Flea Market using the Chinese language they learned in class. Year 4 teachers and students plan to use the funds to support local charity organisations to benefit other children. After research and discussion, Sower Action and Heifer International Hong Kong were chosen because of their links with previous units of inquiry. Both of these organisations are non-religious, non-political and non-profit charitable organisations in Hong Kong, committed to promoting education aid in rural China by helping poor or disabled students to complete their education, reconstructing schools and facilities that fulfill safety regulations and improving the quality of teacher training.

A guest speaker from both Sower Action and Heifer International are visiting DC to talk to the students about their missions and projects. Students now have a better understanding of how they can be caring, responsible and take personal action as an IB learner.