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Donate secondary textbooks to help raise money for the International Care Ministries

Posted: May 22, 2015

For a Community Engagement project, some Y10 students will be holding a second hand textbook sale. We’re hoping this could save families some money as well as raise funds for the International Care Ministries who work with the ultra-poor in the Philippines (an organisation the College has worked with through No Boundaries).

If you have old text books from any Secondary year level that are in reasonable condition that you would like to donate for this cause, please bring them into school and leave them on the marked table/container(s) in the front foyer before Friday 5 June.

The book sale will take place each Tuesday at lunchtime and after school for the last three weeks of the school year. Any unsold books will be held and hopefully offered for sale at the start of the next academic year as well. Then any unsold ones will be donated to an appropriate organisation.

Thanks for supporting this event and we hope you enjoy your extra space.