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Nepalese Rupee Rush raises money for UNICEF

Posted: May 15, 2015

We are excited to announce that the students of Discovery College raised HKD$33,167.70 in response to the recent earthquakes in Nepal. 100 percent of the Rupee Rush funds were sent directly to UNICEF, which will in turn provide children of Nepal with first aid, food, shelter and psychological support.

There were several students throughout the school who made contributions that were exceptionally meaningful. For example, a primary student chose to donate the entirety of her birthday money; similarly, a secondary student donated her Lai See money to UNICEF. It is worth noting that the money could not have been raised without the help of several students in Y8 who donated their time each day to cheer others on. Students from every house helped, and the winner was YELLOW HOUSE. Congratulations, you have won a casual dress day on Wednesday 3 June.

Regardless of what house you are in, the people of Nepal are certainly thankful for your contributions.

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