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Year 11 Exams 27-28 May

Posted: May 22, 2015

Y11s will be completing off-timetable exams over blocks 1-4 on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 May.

The schedule for these papers is:

Wednesday May 27:

  • Blocks 1-2: Sciences 90 minutes
  • Blocks 3-4: Chinese 90 minutes and Spanish 60 minutes

Thursday May 28:

  • Blocks 1-2: Mathematics 90 minutes
  • Blocks 3-4: Individuals and societies 90 minutes

Y11 students and their parents need to note that these papers should not be considered as finals. They do not exclusively determine a student’s final Semester 2 grade, nor do they exclusively influence any grade the IB awards to Y11 students in their MYP Certificate.

The purpose of these exams is purely to give Y11 students a DP-like exam experience. The feedback we’ve receieved from previous Y11 cohorts clearly indicated that they felt a DP-style exam experience would have been beneficial before entering Y12.