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MYP survey results

Posted: June 19, 2015

In May invitations to complete a survey of attitudes towards the MYP was sent to parents and to students. The results of these surveys provide us with important information as we prepare for the IB’s evaluation of our MYP in November. This information is also very important as we continue to develop our MYP.

The results of the parent survey indicated that major areas of strength lie in:

  • Building qualities of international-mindedness
  • Fostering a stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect
  • Providing a range of assessments to allow students to demonstrate learning

According to these results, our areas for focus are:

  • The availability to access an overview of what is being studied at any one time
  • Provision of feedback to understand student performance

The results of the student survey indicated that our major areas of strength lie in:

  • Knowing where to access resources to support learning
  • Support provided to meet academic goals
  • Providing a safe learning environment where mistakes are viewed as a step in the learning process

According to these results, our areas for focus are:

  • To reduce the amount of assessment tasks
  • To ensure that teachers always understand my learning needs and plan lessons accordingly

This feedback will inform further planning of our MYP for next year and beyond.