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Year 11 Work Experience

Posted: June 19, 2015

Congratulations to all Y11s on the completion of work experience week. Students spent four days in various work settings, from corporate aviation, hotels, kindergartens, physiotherapy clinics, radio stations, corporate law and banking offices and customer service roles.

By all accounts, all students were fine ambassadors for DC. One employer wrote:

“They have worked hard, taken on all roles with a smile and enthusiasm. They have both come smartly dressed each day and have been courteous and polite at all times. It has been a pleasure to have had them in our classrooms.” 

A piece of advice from a Y11 student for next year’s Y11s:

“One piece of advice I have is to do something that isn’t easy and something that exposes [them to consider] if this job will be something you will or will not do in the future. Take initiative and use this week as a door to the real world, not as a holiday.”