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Peanut free school

Posted: August 14, 2015

We would like to remind everyone that Discovery College is a peanut free school and that this policy also applies to offsite activities such as school trips, camps, and sports days. As stated on page 39 of the Parent and Student Handbook ‘Peanut and peanut products are banned within the school. This restriction includes all food bought to school from home’. We have a number of students who have severe nut allergies. These students, if they come in contact with a nut product, can suffer life-threatening consequences. A severe reaction can by triggered both by direct ingestion and indirect contact with students or surfaces that have traces of nuts or nut products present. Carefully consider ingredients and warning labels when selecting foods to send to with students. Please note that some popular festive treats such as Moon Cakes contain peanut oil as a key ingredient and are not permitted at Discovery College.

Please help keep all our children safe at school.