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Year 4-6 Swimming Programme

Posted: August 14, 2015

This week, an email was sent to parents informing them of the Year 4 -6 Swimming Programme. We have recently been informed that due to a technical error the original email sent on Friday 7 August, only reached the first 50 parents of each year level. I apologise for the error.

This programme will begin on Monday 17 August (this coming Monday). The swimming programme will consist of two swimming sessions per week and is part of the Physical Education programme at Discovery College and therefore held during your child’s Physical Education lessons.

The cost of the six-week programme will be $660 per student.

Please access your child’s eNotice which has all relevant information regarding this programme (times, dates etc). To access your child’s eNotice please log onto your Parent Gateway account.

If you require assistance please access the tutorial below:

Please note that your ePayment account must have sufficient funds in order to complete the eNotice. Due to the technical error, if you are unable to finalise permission and payment before Monday’s programme begins please contact the primary office by emailing

Chris Barr – Head of Primary