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Cobra Season 1 Team Photos

Posted: September 18, 2015

The Season 1 Cobra teams will have team photos taken next week, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 September before school.  Students on these teams need to arrive at the time noted below in their full Cobra team uniform (including appropriate athletic shoes), and should bring their school uniform to change after the photo. All photos will take place in the Diploma Centre on the 4/F.

Tuesday 22 September:
7.45am – Netball U13 White (Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Cameron)
7.45am – Netball U13 Black (Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Cameron)
7.50am – Nettas Year 3,4,5 (Mrs Wallace, Mrs Anderson)
8.00am – Netball U19A (Mrs Adcock, Mr Kai Fong)
8.00am – Netball U19B (Mrs Garnett)
8.05am – U14 Boys Rugby (Mr Tate)
8.05am – U20 Rugby (Mr Philip, Mr Ellery)
8.10am – U12 Swim (Ms Fisher, Ms Wilson, Ms Walsh)
8.10am – U14 Swim (Ms Fisher, Ms Wilson, Ms Walsh)
8.10am – U16/20 Swim (Ms Fisher, Ms Wilson, Ms Walsh)

Wednesday 23 September:
7.45am – Cross Country (Mr Beach, Ms Ouimette, Mrs Whittaker, Ms Saunders, Mr Rydeard, Ms Tai, Mrs Osborne)
7.50am – Volleyball Girls U16 (Ms Marr)
7.50am – Volleyball Boys U16 (Mrs McDavid)
7.55am – Football Boys U14 (Mr Trimingham, Mr Edwards)
8.00am – Football Girls U14 (Mr De Barr, Mr Kirk)
8.00am – ACAMIS Golf (Mr Leithhead, Mr Fraser, Ms Walgren)
8.05am – Volleyball Girls U20 (Mr Mckimmon)
8.05am – Volleyball Boys U20 (Mr Wilkinson)