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Instrumental Lesson Diaries

Posted: September 11, 2015

Instrumental lessons have commenced for Term 1 and are running smoothly. Just a friendly reminder to check timetables carefully and to set reminders of lesson times each week.

The Music department has introduced the DC instrumental music diaries this year to further improve our program. Every student studying an instrument at DC has been issued with one of these diaries. This is an important tool for communication between peripatetic teachers, students and parents. Peripatetic instrumental teachers will fill out what students are working on in lessons and outline practice expectations for the week. There are spaces for peripatetic teachers and parents to communicate with each other and sign the diaries each week. Students are also expected to indicate in the diary when they have practiced during the week which will help track their progress and dedication.

If your child is learning an instrument at school please support this initiative and check and sign the diaries each week and support them to pack and bring these diaries to every lesson. The music department also strongly suggests students print their timetable and glue this to the inside cover of their diary.