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U20 Boys Volleyball – Week 2

Posted: September 11, 2015

This week the U20 Boys volleyball team ventured to HKIS, playing both the home team and CDNIS in the ISSFHK Division 1 round robin. In their second year as a unit, the boys weighed in on Division 1, a new battleground, with an increasingly structured game, contesting against top-tier teams. The boys, still finding their rhythm with a growing roster and developing volleyball culture, lost to CDNIS. In those two sets performance was inert, with a few very risky digs and passes, and not many successful three touch plays. Moving into the second game, the boys closely analysed players within HKIS, accurately serving and hitting where they could be more successful. Balls were steadily passed to the setter, who placed it without error on and off the net with a range of hits and spikes stealing the first set. The second set saw a drop in the teams morale as our communication faltered and play became scrappier. HKIS took advantage of this, making the boys panic during the last set, and took the game. The team saw 2 defeats, but left knowing that participating in Division 1 would shape the team to be greater on all accounts.

Captain – Patrick Hawkey