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A great time had at the Primary Swimming Carnival

Posted: October 8, 2015

With the weather looking somewhat dubious, Y4-6 headed off to Lei Cheung Uk Swimming Pool in Sham Shui Po on Tuesday for the annual Primary Swimming Carnival. Although we all got a little wet everyone was very positive and a great time was had by all.  Students were highly enthusiastic in their participation and support for their houses.

The event is divided in to three components.

  • Competition – the highest point score for placings 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all the events. 
  • Participation – the highest number of students that enter all events from each house.
  • Spirit –  the way a house gets behind their team, the lunch time chants, and respecting the venue, staff and environment.

The results were as follows:


  • 1st place: Purple
  • 2nd place: Green
  • 3rd place: Red
  • 4th place: Yellow
  • 5th place: Blue


  • 1st place: Blue
  • 2nd place: Red
  • 3rd place: Purple
  • 4th place: Yellow & Green


  • 1st place: Green
  • 2nd place: Red
  • 3rd place: Yellow
  • 4th place: Purple
  • 5th place: Blue

A big thanks to Lawrence Wilkinson, Gary Chan and the Primary PE team for their clockwork organisation that ensured that the program was fun, participatory for all and smoothly run.

I would also like to acknowledge the many parents who attended the carnival. Your support and encouragement was fantastic.