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Congratulations to our new House captains for 2015-16

Posted: October 2, 2015

On Tuesday 22 September 48 very brave and confident young people presented speeches to their houses in the hope of becoming a House Captain to lead their House for the 2015-16 school year.  This year each house will have 3 primary and 3 secondary House Captains – with Purple and Green having 4 primary House Captains due to tied vote counts.

The results at the close of voting on Friday 25 September at 3.30pm elected the following students as our 2015-16 House Captains:

Liu Shui (Water) 

Secondary Blue Captains

  • John Wong 12Y
  • Hershikka Tourani 12R
  • Kathy Lau 13Y

Primary Blue Captains

  • Grace Walsh 6.1
  • Savannah Udall 6.3
  • Wei Zi Liew 6.2

Re Tu (Earth)

Secondary Yellow Captains

  • Megan Thomas 12C
  • Yelim Lee 12R
  • Jennifer Allardice 11D

Primary Yellow Captains

  • Sara Davies 6.3
  • Brayden Hudson 6.3
  • Isabelle Mexted 6.1

Qing Mu (Wood)

Secondary Green Captains

  • Toby Mathers 12D
  • Isabella Rivers 13D
  • Ilya Filonau 13C

Primary Green Captains

  • Sam Lan 6.2
  • Sam Condon 6.1
  • Jess Inkin 6.3, Ruby Kai Fong 6.3 Tied for 3rd place

Lie Huo (Fire)

Secondary Red Captains

  • Sam Brooks 12C
  • Rachel Telford 11R
  • Alicia Passler12R

Primary Red Captains

  • Owen Rappel 6.3
  • Tyson Clements 6.2
  • Asha Black 6.3

 Jin Shu (Metal)

Secondary Purple Captains

  • Mikayla Boonstra 12V
  • Holly Marshall 12S
  • Cosima Graef 11D

Primary Purple Captains

  • Jessica Hauptfleisch 6.3
  • Angeline Lu 6.2
  • Jaco Yu 6.1 & Rochelle (Chung Yan) Lui 6.1 tied for 3rd place

We would like to thank all students who were nominated. In some cases the results were very close and only a few votes separated candidates as is shown by the two tied results.