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Introducing the new PTA Committee for 2015-16

Posted: October 16, 2015

Following the PTA Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 14 October, we are delighted to announce the new PTA Committee for 2015-16:
Chairperson – Elizabeth Hemmings
Hononrary Secretary – Jane Robbins (also Class Parent Representative co-ordinator)
Treasurer – Mike Allardice

Parent Representatives: Fahima Ahmed, Susan Blomgren, Steven Fan, David Garceran, Sapna Harris, Jennifer Mangel, Susie Morley, Sue Panons, Stephen Peaker, Jane Robbins, Pat Romano, Julia Telford, Nicholas Wade and Ashley Wang

Teacher Representatives: Sue Thomas, Terry Evans and Kayti Marr. Principal Mark Beach is an ex officio member.

The committee is already busy organising the upcoming Family Fun Day on Saturday 28 November and Discovery Culture Festival in December. If you would like to contact the committee please email You can find further details about our role and work on the PTA webpage.