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Amazing Year 4 Camp

Posted: November 13, 2015

Y4 had an amazing time at camp last week. The students enjoyed beautiful weather while playing games on the beach, hiking in the hills around Mui Wo and participating in a variety of activities around their camp in San Shek Wan. They got the opportunity to build and fly a kite, participate in cooperative challenges, test their wits against Mr Macheski during Trivia games, and explore their creative side in our Arts and Crafts room. The students also loved the skits, songs and jokes put on by Mr Burrows, Mr DeBarr and the rest of the staff and parents.

Through all of this fun they were also independent children who were responsible for taking care of their own dorm rooms and showing manners at meal times. Teachers were especially proud of the students for working hard to practice the conflict resolution strategies we have been inquiring into at school. There were lots of examples of students working out compromises, and ‘talking it out’ with each other if there were any problems.

A special thanks goes out to those parents that came along with us, helping to make Y4 Camp 2015 the best one yet.