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Community Engagement Captains

Posted: November 27, 2015

Pictured here are the DC Community Engagement Captains. These selected students aim to improve, promote and encourage Community Engagement in Discovery College by connecting with students, teachers and the community. Collaboration is the key within this group as they have to work together effectively and efficiently to ensure student contribution to Community Engagement.

Being a Community Engagement Captain at Discovery College provides a chance to develop and experience different leadership opportunities for students.

The Community Engagement Captains are: Jennifer Allardice, Kanika Mathew, Hera Lau, Aeden Reyes, Nicole Wun, Erin O’Brien, Fergus Condon, Bailey Clements, Kershaun Mathew, Henrik Brockmeyer, Cherie Ho, Richie Takasumi, Jennifer Anderson and Emily Lo.