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Design welcomes new 3D printers

Posted: November 13, 2015

This week two new 5th generation Makerbot 3D printers have arrived in school. We now have four makerbot machines in the Design lab on the 5/F. Students are using these machines for a variety of design projects such as laptop stands, passive speakers, phone cases, lamp components and jewellery. The new machines have features that will make them more reliable and future proof. The student demand for the machines has quickly grown so it is fantastic to be able to meet this need. Looking to the future it will be exciting to trial some of the new printing filaments Makerbot is releasing, with steel, wood and sandstone composites available soon. Many thanks to our Design Technician, Jamie Coote (Yook), who has been instrumental in setting up the facility and providing fantastic support to students using the machines.