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DP Group 4 Project encourages collaboration

Posted: November 27, 2015

The Group 4 project is an interdisciplinary activity in which all Diploma Programme Science students must participate. The exercise should be a collaborative experience where the emphasis is on the processes involved in, rather than the products of, such an activity (IBO 2014).

Y13 students completed their Group 4 project last Thursday and Friday (19 & 20 November), where each group was faced with a series of challenges including designing artificial valves; designing biological, chemical or physical timing devices; solving a hypothetical murder at DC; developing a means of distributing supplies during natural disaster; and constructing a spaghetti tower.

The Group 4 subject teachers are very pleased with the levels of cooperation and ingenuity demonstrated over the two days by our students. We believe that the students had a lot of fun solving some challenging scientific and design challenges.

Points were awarded based on the level of success that each group achieved in completing each task. The team with the most points accumulated over two days was awarded the Discovery College Group 4 Cup. The eventual winners were the group comprising of Shane Dsouza, Nicholas Beale, Kimberly Shock, Ariel Galor and Sanara Thotawatte.