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Students participate in 24 Hour Race

Posted: November 20, 2015

Last weekend, several Year 13 DC students took part In the Hong Kong 24-Hour Race, held at Victoria Peak. The Hong Kong relay had nearly 1,000 student runners and volunteers this year, who participated to raise awareness around human trafficking. The race overall helped to raise HK$1.8 million so far towards anti human trafficking and the fight against slavery.  The DC team has collectively raised $60,472 thus far.

DC Runners included Chris Dann, Zak Baldwin, Kagiso Motiki, Henrique Quites, Cameron Smith, Rahul Padmasola, Jonathan Fu, James Allardice, Livvy King, Kelsey Wallace, Isabella Rivers, Sanara Thotawatte, Rita Yacyshyn, Charlotte Hodgson, Keisha Enrico, Tianee Fong, Sophie Forsyth, Rachel Carr, Ruhi Kumar, Samantha Kristensen, Louisa Fischer, Chantel Woo, Sabrina Parker, Arantxa Arriola Casetllo, John Binder, Jonathan Chan, Anshul Nagar, Leo Davin, Ilya Filonau, Jenghis Lui, Jeff Chan, Michael Xin.

Thanks also to Mr Daniel Wallace, Ms Natalie Fong and many parents who gave up several hours of their time to provide supervision throughout the 24-hour period.