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Thank you to Parent Camp Volunteers

Posted: November 13, 2015

This year our primary students have had an opportunity to visit numerous places around Hong Kong as part of their camping experience.
Year 3 – YWCA, Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge, South Lantau
Year 4 – YWCA, Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge, South Lantau
Year 5 – Bradbury Camp, Cheung Chau
Year 6 – Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Camp, Sai Kung

I would like to sincerely thank all the parent volunteers who have attended camps this year. Your support was vital to the successful running of the camps. I know staff very much appreciated the work that each and everyone of you did to ensure students were safe, supported and most of all had a wonderful experience.

Thank you to the following parent volunteers:
Year 3 – Steve Chitty, Amani Gong, Joppe Van Eldik, Alice Bisley, Henry Terrebrood, Phyllis Gordon, Deepthi Mantal, May Ho and Thomas Lyons
Year 4 – Daylian Rousseau, Johan Assow, Dicky Leung, Matt Bentley, Stephen Tsai, Kim Gemassmer, Sapna Harris, Joy Holmes and Natalia Privalova
Year 5 – Colin McKee, Paul Aubert, Alton Carmine, Sam Naqvi and Nick Wade
Year 6 – Scott Krysinski and Tanya Inkin

I would also like to acknowledge all staff who have attended camps and ensured all students in their care had a wonderful learning experience. The planning and tireless work that all staff do on camp to ensure things run smoothly and students have a safe and exciting time is nothing less than extraordinary.

Once again a big thank you to everyone who made the Primary camps happen.

  • Chris Barr, Head of Primary