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Aquatics programme resumes in Secondary PE

Posted: January 29, 2016

As our swimming pool is indoors, heated to 28ºC and the extreme cold weather has past, we will be continuing with our Aquatics programme. The pool is enclosed and protected from wind and rain. In addition, our facilities staff check the air temperature daily and it fluctuates between 21–23ºC.

Many students often bring their towel or school DC hoodie to the poolside to keep warm before getting in. The PHE staff also suggest to students such things as bringing an extra layer of swim clothing to keep warm (wetsuit, thermals etc.), wearing a swim cap to reduce how wet hair gets, bringing an extra towel or leaving their own hairdryer in lockers to use after aquatics lessons.

We appreciate your continued support of the PHE curriculum and expect all students to actively participate in the programme.

Jason Mckimmon – Head of PE Department