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DC Chinese Speech Competition

Posted: January 22, 2016

This year, there were 57 primary students (27 lower primary, 30 upper primary; 24 non-native, 31 near-native) that took part in the DC Chinese Speech Competition. There were also 18 students from secondary that joined us this year (16 L&L, 2 Chinese acquisition). 

We are grateful to the Mandarin Mother Tongue Support Group, ESF Chinese advisor, and teachers who served as judges. 

All the participants worked hard to show their skills and abilities. The winners will be announced in their year level assemblies.

The Award of Excellence was given to the following students:

  • Year 1-3 Near Native: Victoria BOND, Panya DASARI, Ava YU
  • Year 1-3 Non-Native: Alessia SMITH, Nathan CHANG, Zeke AHMED
  • Year 4-6 Near Native: Marie JI, Angela YE, Theodora MOK, Cindy CHEN
  • Year 4-6 Non-Native: Sofia Privalova, Angela WU, Ishaan AGGARWAL
  • Year 7-10 Near Native: Yoyo WONG, Renee TAN, Abbie TANG