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DC Students Sporting Achievements over the Winter Break

Posted: January 8, 2016

A quick acknowledgement of the achievements some of our Discovery College students have made in sport over the Winter break.


Abbie Tang (Y7) competed in the Nett Division Hong Kong Schools Holiday Golf Competition placing 3rd



A number of students took part in the 48th New Year’s Day Youth Rugby Tournament organised by the HKRFU including:

U12 Girls – Peninsula: Jessica Hauptfleisch (Y6), Georgia Rivers (Y7), Taianna O’Neill (Y7)

U12 Boys – Peninsula: Fergus Condon

U14 Girls – Island: Anjalika Ybema (Y9), Flo Symonds (Y9), Shanna Forrest (Y9), Jemima Poulter (Y9)

U19 Girls – Hong Kong: Chloe Chan (Y13), Overseas: Ashley Brooks (Y13)

U19 Boys – Hong Kong: Cameron Smith (Y13), Zak Baldwin (Y13)

Commendation also to Brayden Hudson (Y6) who was the Assistant Referee for the U12 Girls game.


Ice Hockey

Congratulations to Ruu Kosonen, Year 10, who over the break was awarded a two-week Academic Scholarship to attend Stanstead College, Quebec, Canada, where he will experience the balance offered between academics and high performance sport (Ice Hockey). You can read a recent article in the South China Morning Post about this programme.