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Decorate-a-Door Competition winners celebrate with pizza

Posted: January 22, 2016

It was time to celebrate for the winners of the decorate-a-door competition that was held during the Discovery Culture Festival.

In Primary, the winners were 2LST and 5KWD who also happened to be buddy classes. They held their celebratory pizza party and had a great time socializing and chatting about their wins. 2LST did a fantastic Mr Men and Little Miss design with accompanying clay characters while 5KWD did a David Walliams cover of Grandpa’s Great Escape.  5KWD even shared their win with David Walliams via Twitter, who then retweeted the design to his followers.

In Secondary, 7V won their division with a sensational Dr Seuss special.

Many thanks to the PTA for sponsoring the event in conjunction with the Library staff.