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UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge

Posted: February 26, 2016

On 4 February, some MYP students participated in the UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge. This contest was a challenging written test, consisting of various levels of mathematical reasoning questions. Having just received the results, we wanted to recognize some of the outstanding achievements.

Yan Yau Cheng (Y11) received a perfect score.

The following students received a Gold medal:
Yan Yau Cheng, Chunze Chen, Soovin Lee, Csoban Balogh and Amelia Haines (Y11)
Kanika Mathew, Jerry Lin, Nicole Wun and Kevin Xin (Y10)

The following students received a Silver medal:
Aaryaman Dutt, Jocelyn Tang, Matthew Charters, Hera Lau and Chanyoung Lee (Y11)
Adrian Yan and Ira Cheng (Y10)
Seojin Park (Y8)

The following students received a Bronze medal:
Howard Cheng, Jimmy Lee, Chris Kwok, Stephanie Yang and Gigi Ho (Y11)
Chris Nolan, Nicole Woo, Ashley Sze, Rei Sakamaki, Ryan Zhang, Monique Wong and Bela Fernandes (Y10)

Thank you to all students who participated in this contest.